• MPEG4 DVB-T2 DVB T2 receiver

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    Mini DVB T2 DVB-T Set Top TV Box 1080P TV tuner Full HD Digital MPEG4 DVB-T2 DVB T/H.264 Terrestrial TV Receiver w/ RCA / HDMI


    1.RF tuner & DVB-T2 Channel Complied Standard ETSI EN 302 755 V 1.1.1 (2009-09) Input impedance 75ω
    • Modulation COFDM: QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM, 256QAM
    • Frequency VHF (174-230 MHz)-optional, UHF (470 – 806 MHz)
    • Input signal level 36~85dBμV
    • FEC coding LDPC Code + BCH Code, Code rates: 1 /2, 3/5, 2/3, 3 /4, 4/5, 5/6
    • FFT Size 1K, 2K, 4K, 8K, 16K, 32K.
    • C/N range (Rice channel) 3dB (QPSK 1 /2) to 24dB (256QAM 5/6)
    • Pilot Pattern PP1 to PP8
    • Guard intervals 1/128, 1/32, 1/16, 19/256, 1/8, 19/128, 1 /4.
    • Channel raster 7 MHz (VHF), 8 MHz (UHF;   Signal Bandwidth 6~8MHZ
    • Service specific robustness Physical Layer Pipes (PLP)
    • Interleaving Bit + Cell +Time + Frequency
    • Diversity SISI, MISO, (SIMO, MIMI if diversity receiver)
    •Rotated constellations significant robustness gain in channels with severe degradations
    (multipath, SFN operation, narrow band interference…)
    • Mode of Extensions Future Extension Frame (FEF)
    • Max Bit Rates (8MHz) 50.3 Mbit/s, (32Ke, 256QAM, CR=5/6, GI=1/28, PP7)
    • Used Bit Rates (8MHz) Portable SFN: 25.0 Mbit/s, Fixed SFN: 37.0 Mbit/s,
    • Fixed MFN: 40.2 Mbit/s
    • GE06 compatible Signal is under the mask of DVB-T (power level measured in a 4 KHz bandwidth)
    2. MPEG Transmission stream and video and Audio Decoding
    Transmission stream MPEG-2 ISO/IEC 13818
    Video decoding MPEG-2/MPEG 4 AVC (H.264), 1920X1080 (High definition-optional)
    Aspect Ratio (image rate) 4:3, 16:9
    Frame frequency 25Hz (PAL)
    Video Resolution 720X576 (PAL)-standard definition,
    Audio decoding MPEG/MusiCam Layer I & II / HE AAC
    Audio mode Single track/dual track/stereo
    Audio sampling rate 32KHz, 44.1KHz 48KHz. , 96 KHz (optional)
    3. Scanning function
    • The STB should include a frequency scanning function to detect the availability of DVB-T signals.
    • It should also automatically list the content of the terrestrial bouquet by reading the PSI/SI streams and
    • Be capable of program memory in case of cut off
    4. Quality reception thresholds All STBs should have an on-screen visual signal level indicator which would aid in directing the antenna and troubleshooting reception problems.
    5. Software
    • EPG: current and next programmed information. 24x7 days schedule.
    • Capable of the Identity control, watch rating and parental lock
    • Auto/manual tuning
    • 24-hour clock
    • Support Receive mail
    • Provides the instant and personalized message prompt
    • Display and withdrawal of subtitles
    6. Support multi-language info
    7. Teletext & Teletext subtitle
    • It is able to display Teletext using the OSD and/or by the insertion of the Teletext data in the VBI of the analogue CVBS video output.
    • It is able to display Teletext subtitling, meeting the requirements for level 1.5 in ref. [ETS 300 706, “Enhanced Teletext Specification”]
    8. Interfaces
    • RF input connector: IEC 169-2 female, input impedance 75 ohms
    • One RCA (CINCH) female connector for video output and Two RCA (CINCH) female connectors for stereo sound output
    • RF by pass (loop) IEC 169-2 male
    • RF input via a PAL-G modulator
    • HDMI interface
    • Should include at least one RF cable to connect the unit with its associated analogue television receiver.
    Plugged into the set top box.
    9.  Physical attributes Power supply AC 240±10%, 50 ±1Hz
    10. Environmental attributes Operating Temperature 0~ 45°C
    Operating humidity Up to 90%
    11. Reliability MTBF 80,000Hrs
    Package contents:
    1 x HD digital terrestrial receiver
    1 x Remote control
    1 x AV cable
    1 x User manual


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